Vision, Mission & Objectives

The Wheen Bee Foundation's vision is that there will be healthy honey bees and a prosperous Australian beekeeping industry. This will ensure the delivery of essential pollination services crucial for optimum production of crops and global food security.  

Our mission is to double the pollination efficiency of the Australian apiculture industry.

Our objectives are:

1. to improve the funding base for research into

  • how honey bee pollination efficiency will be improved
  • how beekeepers’ hive management can be optimised for pollination efficiency
  • how on-farm management can incorporate pollination as a key productivity driver

2. to raise awareness of the role and value of honey bees to food security

3. to connect interested communities of people to work towards food security for the future.

When making decisions, the Wheen Bee Foundation will be accountable for and conscious of our guiding principles, which are:

  • to act ethically and base our decisions on sound scientific information
  • to always engage with equity, respect, integrity and professionalism
  • to favour decisions and actions that will promote long-term growth and sustainability of the beekeeping industry
  • to acknowledge the essential role beekeepers play in managing healthy honey bees through all adversity
  • to encourage knowledge sharing, openness and engagement
  • to recognise the role other pollinators play
  • to recognise the importance of our natural resources

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