Our priorities

Vision, Mission & Objectives

The Wheen Bee Foundation’s vision is to see healthy honey bees and prosperous honey bee industries with the capacity to provide crop pollination services for food production in a healthy ecosystem. This is to ensure the delivery of essential pollination services that are crucial for optimum production of crops for global food security  

Our mission is to facilitate and enable strategic beekeeping research, education and public awareness that improves industry viability, pollination and food security.

Our objectives are:

  1. to support research, development and extension activities that will improve the efficiency of honey bee pollination in dependent food crops.
  2. to leverage public awareness of the role and value of honey bees to food security.
  3. to connect people integral to the cause to work towards bee security for the future.

When making decisions, the Wheen Bee Foundation will be accountable for and conscious of our guiding principles, which are:

  • to act ethically and base our decisions on sound scientific information
  • to always engage with equity, respect, integrity and professionalism
  • to favour decisions and actions that will promote long-term growth and sustainability of the beekeeping industry
  • to acknowledge the essential role beekeepers play in managing healthy honey bees through all adversity
  • to encourage knowledge sharing, openness and engagement
  • to recognise the role other pollinators play
  • to recognise the importance of our natural resources

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