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The Teachers’ Guide to Bees

The Teachers’ Guide to Bees supports teachers who want to introduce a beehive to the school environment.

The guide provides teachers with credible information to ensure teachers understand the obligations, risks and requirements of keeping bees and using bees as a learning tool in a school environment.

The guide also includes useful information for differentiating between managed honey bees, managed native bees and unmanaged bees.

Powerful Pollinators Field Guide

Powerful Pollinators Field Guides

Take a walk through nature and immerse your students in the great outdoors with this fun and interactive activity.

Using the lesson outline and Powerful Pollinators Field Guide, students will work collaboratively to create their own class field guide, with information about pollinators or plant species found in their local area.

Pollination Tag Game

Engage your students through play with the Pollination Tag Game. Students will learn about the importance of bees for the pollination of fruits and vegetables through this fun and interactive game for the whole class. This game can be used as a brain break in the classroom or as part of an investigative unit about bees, pollination and food security.

Anatomy of a Bee worksheet

Teach your students the anatomy of a bee with this worksheet.

Australian Pollinator Count Learning Guides

The Australian Pollinator Count Learning guides offer a simple and fun pathway to guide students through the ‘ABC’ of identifying insects.

Students can start by reviewing the downloadable Learner Guide or watching the Learner Guide video. These Guides will help them develop all the identification skills they need to become a citizen scientist and join the Australian Pollinator Count.

Once the students have reviewed the preferred Learner Guide, they can complete the quick quiz.

The students can take the quiz as often as they like, referring back to the Learner Guide if they need to refresh their knowledge.

Once they achieve 80% or more, they will receive the Australian Pollinator Count Upload link.

Australian Pollinator Count Quiz

Students can take the Australian Pollinator Count Quiz to ensure they are ready to take part in the Australian Pollinator Count in November.

Australian Pollinator Count Form

Students can use the Australian Pollinator Count Form any time of the year to practise their pollinator counting skills.

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