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All donations help us with our mission – to support research and conservation activities that address the national and global threats to bees.  Choose the fund you wish to support when making your donation.

Note, we now also accept cryptocurrency donations.


Honey Bee Research Fund

Our general bee research fund.

Donations are directed at Wheen Bee Foundation’s discretion towards the most important bee research projects as listed here.


Strategic Bee Rebuild & Recovery Fund

Helping beekeepers recover from the effects of bushfire and drought.

Wheen Bee Foundation’s 5 Bees Program is Building Better Beekeeping Businesses after Bushfire. It is a 3 year participatory action research program that supports beekeepers to adapt their businesses to a changing climate and use modern technologies as tools for implementing production innovations.


Discover Bees Campaign –  Through the Rita Fund

The Rita fund has been established to support research activities in relation to Australia’s Native Bees.

The funding priority for the coming 3 year period is raising funds for native bee taxonomy.

Best estimates are that there are currently 1658 accepted, named Australian bee species out of an estimated fauna of ~2500 species.  If we continue to name and describe bee species at the same rate we have over the past two decades, it will take more than 100 years to fully document Australia’s remaining bee fauna.

The Australian taxonomic community, through Taxonomy Australia, and with the support of the Wheen Bee Foundation is on an ambitious mission to discover and document all remaining Australian bee species in 6 years.  This will require a 16-fold increase in the rate at which new bee species are discovered, documented and named and innovative thinking and approaches, applied in a way that retains the scientific rigour and integrity of high-quality taxonomy.


Green Carpenter Bee Conservation Fund

Supporting  Green Carpenter Bee Conservation Project. 


CRC for Pollination Security

Improving pollination outcomes for agriculture and the environment. Your donation will contribute to developing a CRC Application for Round 24 in 2022.

Linton Briggs

Linton Briggs Advancing Apiculture Fund

To honour the legacy of Linton’s dedication to the Australian beekeeping industry and his commitment to mentoring and supporting others, the Linton Briggs Advancing Apiculture Fund invests in;

  • Strengthening the innovation and leadership skills of Australia’s beekeepers.
  • Supporting industry leadership participation and
  • Building organisational effectiveness to enable bee-related industry organisations to achieve their goals.

Payment Information

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The Wheen Bee Foundation Research Fund is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR).

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