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Tree Grants

BFF Partners, One Tree Planted and Flow Hive, have generously donated up to $100,000 for tree grants to support tree plantings on Bee Friendly Farming ® CERTIFIED farms. We are

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Bee Friendly Farming (AU) Handbook

Bee Friendly Farming

Bee Friendly Farming ® launched on 5th May. The BFF Scientific task force has met 3 times since then (twice with the US Scientific taskforce) to review applications and discuss

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Commercial Beekeeping Program

5 Bees Participants Announced

Wheen Bee Foundation is pleased to announce the names of 15 commercial beekeepers who will participate in the first intake of the 5Bees program that commences in April 2021. Benjamin

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Teachers Guide to Bees

Wheen Bee Foundation recently published a Teachers’ Guide to Bees. The Guide was developed in response to the 2021 Junior Landcare Grants that offered a Bee Bonus enabling schools to

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Megachile macularis

Megachile macularis, a female leaf cutter bee carrying dry pollen grains in her scopal hairs. Photo by Laurence Sanders. Did you know, most native bees are solitary? Unlike honey bees,

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We Need Bees

In May we will once again celebrate World Bee day. The purpose of World Bee day is to raise awareness of the essential role bees and other pollinators play in

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