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Powerful Pollinators

Powerful Pollinators

Wheen Bee Foundation officially launched the Powerful Pollinators program in November 2020 during Australian Pollinator Week. The program provides information on how to encourage insect pollinators in farm and garden landscapes. Five bioregional planting guides have so far been published with another 15 guides scheduled to be completed before the end of 2021. The guides are a tailored resource to help landholders and gardeners to decide what plant mix can provide year long flowering and provide pollen, nectar and nesting sites to support bees and other insects.

Pollinators affect 35% of global agriculture, supporting the production of 87 of the leading food crops worldwide. Australian’s native bees and the European honey bee are keystone pollinators of our forests, fodder, flowers, fibre and food crops and together provide pollination services with an estimated annual Economic Value of $28.4billion.

Dr Anna Carrucan from Wheen Bee Foundation and Dr Megan Halcroft from Bees Business ran a number of webinars across Australian Pollinators Week, explaining the importance of pollinators, what we can do to support the pollinators in your local area, and how to use the Powerful Pollinators guide.

To watch the webinar or download a guide:

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