Centre for Bee Education

A national learning hub for science-based information about bees and pollination

The Centre for Bee Education coordinates access to learning programs for people of all ages to strengthen community understanding of the important role bees and other pollinators play in our environment and food production systems.

Bee Education Program

The Wheen Bee Foundation’s Bee Education Program includes a series of learning kits for teachers that explore core themes including bees, beekeeping, honey and sustainability in the environment.

These resources cover about 30 topics and have been created by teachers to provide a term-long program aligned with the national curriculum.

Bee topics include: how hives work, pollen and nectar resources, anatomy, bee communication and bee products. Beekeeping topics include: the history and future of beekeeping, skills, backyard beekeeping and bees and agriculture. Honey topics cover: sources, uses, nutritional benefits and imported versus local honey. Sustainability and environment topics include: food security, biodiversity, climate change and how bees align with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The first learning kits are now available. They include:

  • Counting Australian Pollinators kit
  • Mini Honey Tasting kit
  • Planting Bee Friendly Seeds kit

Further units will be added in the coming months to create a term-long learning module. Sign up to the Centre For Bee Education Newsletter to get the latest on new programs as they become available.

The Bee Education Program can be rolled out by teachers in the classroom, with hybrid teaching models available which include the possibility of presentations from beekeepers, live or remote, depending on the location.

Integrated excursion modules are also available at the Bee School by Beechworth Honey, in Victoria’s North East, adding value to the classroom learning experience.

Beechworth Honey Bee School

The Beechworth Honey Bee School offers tailored educational experiences for primary and secondary students. Programs include play based, investigative and self discovery sessions highlighting the important role of pollinators in our ecosystem.

Partnering with Beechworth Honey has been a real win for the Wheen Bee Foundation, linking into their experience working with thousands of school children over the past couple of decades.

Visit Beechworth Honey to learn more about Bee School.

Teachers’ Guide to Bees

The Teachers’ Guide to Bees supports teachers who want to introduce a beehive to the school environment.

The guide provides teachers with credible information to ensure teachers understand the obligations, risks and requirements of keeping bees and using bees as a learning tool in a school environment.

The guide also includes useful information differentiating between managed honey bees, managed native bees and unmanaged bees.

Download the Teachers’ Guide to Bees below.


To learn how the Wheen Bee Foundation can support your school to set the classroom abuzz with bee science, sign up to our Centre for Bee Education newsletter.