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Our Work


Centre for Bee Education

The Centre for Bee Education is a national learning hub for science-based information about bees and other pollinators, developed in collaboration between the Wheen Bee Foundation and Beechworth Honey. Through the Centre for Bee Education, educators and students can access learning resources, information sheets and lesson plans for engaging learning that fosters a lifelong passion for bees.

Bee Ambassadors

The Wheen Bee Foundation Bee Ambassador Network brings together volunteer bee advocates to share their passion and talent to help create a better world for bees. New applicants have a chance to join the Network and take part in the Bee Ambassador Training Program, a yearly three-day residential training program where participants learn the skills to educate communities and inspire a new generation of bee supporters.

Linton Briggs Advancing Apiculture Fund

The Linton Briggs Advancing Apiculture Program is dedicated to strengthening innovation and leadership skills in the beekeeping industry, supporting industry leadership participation and building organisational effectiveness.