Bee Ambassadors

What is it?

The Wheen Bee Foundation Bee Ambassador Program connects passionate bee volunteer advocates from diverse backgrounds:

  • Beekeepers
  • Researchers
  • Farmers Land & resource managers  
  • Other interested supporters

Together these bee advocates share their passion for bees and help raise community awareness about how to better support bees as keystone pollinators for food security and ecosystem health.

The program was launched in 2018


To increase evidence-based bee and pollinator awareness in the community.

To unite and support ‘bee champions’ in the delivery of their community based activities.

To leverage the collective impact through increasing the scale, reach and momentum of bee awareness activities.


Ambassadors participate in a 3-day residential training program that;

  • Encourages learning, cooperation and innovation
  • Develops communication skills and practices
  • Enables close connections between bee champions
  • Increases awareness of bee research in Australia
  • Facilitates the sharing of great ideas and initiatives
  • Identifies new project activities for implementation
  • Prioritises resources that support community advocacy

Our Bee Ambassadors


Encourage a new generation of sustainably-minded citizens to help the bees, supporting pollination security, food security and ecosystem health.


Students, teachers and communities on how they can work individually and collectively to support healthy bee populations.


By gathering and sharing examples of what people and The Wheen Bee Foundation are doing to make the world a better place.

Become a Bee Ambassador

The 2023 Bee Ambassador Program will be held in Melbourne from Friday 21 July at 7pm until Monday 24 July at 5pm. Download your enrolment form here.

Program Overview

Friday 21 July

  • Welcome Dinner – An informal dinner to meet and greet the 2023 participants.

Day 1:  Saturday 22 July

  • Session 1:  Setting the scene (8.30am start)
  • Session 2:  Getting to know you and your bee-inspired activities
  • Session 3:  Advocacy skills and making change happen
  • Session 4:  Managing conflict, difficult people and difficult situations
  • Session 5:  Bee Influencers Dinner (concludes 9.30pm)

Day 2:  Sunday 23 July

  • Session 6:  Building Effective Teams – Creating Impact and Change (8.30am start)
  • Session 7:  Changing Behaviour: making a better world for bees. Case study examples.
  • Session 8:  Learning Styles: Creating an environment for change
  • Session 9:  Communication and Presentation
  • Session 10:  Industry Networking Dinner (concludes 9.30pm)

Day 3:  Monday 24 July

  • Bus tour:  Depart Best Western Airport Motel and Convention Centre (8am)
  • AgriBio, La Trobe University (9.30am-11am)
  • Mickleham Post Entry Quarantine Facility (11.30am-2pm)
  • Agriculture Victoria State Control Centre, Attwood (2.30pm-4.30pm)

Full program details coming soon