Bee Friendly Farming

What is it?

Bee Friendly Farming (BFF) is a certification program that works with land managers to help protect, preserve and promote pollinator health. BFF provides guidelines for farmers and gardeners to promote pollinator health on their lands.

The BFF Australian program is overseen by a national taskforce of Australian experts, including scientists and farmers, who set standards for sustainable farming on important concepts like planting pollinator food resources, providing nesting habitat, and incorporating an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy.

BFF helps ensure the future of both pollinators and sustainable agriculture as it expands across Australia and around the globe.

Everyone can support our pollinators

By becoming a BFF member, you can help preserve and protect the pollinator populations by implementing positive, incremental changes on your property. BFF helps farmers incorporate affordable, simple, science-based guidelines, like offering nutrition and habitats for bees, and integrated pest management strategies. Program members are an essential part of keeping our pollinators healthy and food supply abundant.

Everyone else can help by supporting farmers and organisations that are bee friendly. You can directly impact our cause by becoming a BFF Sponsor.

Learn more

BFF Australia is part of a global network led by Pollinator Partnership (P2) in the USA. The Wheen Bee Foundation is proud to partner with P2 to bring the BFF program to Australia.

Find out more about the program and how you can get involved at