Tree Grants

The Trees for Bees Community Tree Grants support the planting of bee-friendly trees in extended gardens, community-owned land, school grounds, sporting club precincts and urban corridors.

The program provides funding to community groups and organisations to increase vital habitat, providing spaces for bees to forage, live and breed.

The program is proudly supported by Carman’s.

Program details

Grants of $500 are available.

Grants are open to not-for-profits, school groups, landcare groups, community organisations and sustainability groups.

Applications require a brief summary of the bee-friendly planting proposal, planting area and planting dates.

Applicants will be judged on three criteria:

Pollinator Impact: How the planting will benefit bees and other pollinators.

Area covered: The size of the planting and the details of the area (was it previously an unused site, does it extend existing pollinator-friendly garden).

Community reach: How many people are involved in the planting, how many people will learn more about the importance of planting for pollinators as a result of the grant

There are 20 grants available.


  • Grants open on May 20 2023.
  • Applications close on July 31
  • Recipients will be notified by August 20
  • Planting must be completed by October 31


Please read the Terms & Conditions and the Eligibility Checklist.

Carman’s Trees for Bees in proud partnership with Wheen Bee Foundation

Proud Partners

Carman’s Trees for Bees in proud partnership with Wheen Bee Foundation