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Pollen8 Research Priorities

The following projects and programs have been identified as high priority for funding.

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1. Well-Nourished resilient bees

  • Responsible access to floral resources
  • Improved access to reliable and varied crops
  • Safe supplementary bee feeds

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2. Pollination and food security

  • Managing honey bees as efficient pollinators
  • Supporting the development of a national pollination strategy

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3. Healthy Bees

  • Stress factors
  • American Foulbrood (AFB)
  • European Foulbrood (EFB)
  • Small Hive Beetle
  • Nosema spp
  • Chalkbrood
  • Viral diseases

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4. Safe Bees

  • Improved biosecurity and surveillance
  • Keeping Australia free from Varroa
  • Increasing number of sentinel hives protecting our shores

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5. Climate Ready Beekeeping

  • Plan Bee – selecting queen bees, helping them to adapt
  • Creating climate-ready bee habitats

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6. Growing Beekeeper Skills

  • Enhance engagement in Participatory Action Research
  • Funding Beekeeper Overseas Exchange scholarships
  • Funding beekeeper attendance at conferences

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7. Building Research Capacity

  • Funding postgraduate and postdoc researchers
  • Supporting summer internships
  • Funding equipment grants
  • Providing top-up scholarships for bee researchers

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8. Native Bees

  • Supporting one hero native bee project per year
  • Supporting taxonomy of native bees
  • Investigating the commercial application of using native bees for crop pollination