BeeActive: Schools Program

Science-based School Incursions

Why Wheen Bee Foundation?

Wheen Bee Foundation are bee specialists in science, education, and bee awareness.

Represented nationally by bee ambassadors who are skilled and knowledgeable about honey bees and Australian native bees, Wheen Bee Foundation offer a nationally consistent, quality, science based program, developed by teachers to address core school curriculum areas.

Contact us for school-based activities about bees and pollinators, whether it’s keeping an Australian native stingless bee hive, learning about honey bees, building a bee hotel or native bee house, growing a garden for bees, or learning about sustainability. 


Supporting teachers with bee related learning resources

Click the link to download A Teacher’s Guide to Bees, and see what we offer to bring the world of bees to your students and your school, and BEE ACTIVE for bees!

This Guide can be used to help teachers complete their 2021 Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant application.

Providing Engagement Opportunities beyond the classroom

Each incursion program provides clear links to broader bee protection programs and activities. These links provide real life practical context to each lesson. 

Optional extension activities provide signposts for students and schools who would like to take their bee interests further.

Examples include:

Bee Friendly Gardening Program – Register your school to become a become a part of a national network of gardens and landscapes that are safe havens for bees and other pollinators and contribute to national pollinator pathways.  

Join the Global Online Waggle Dance Challenge. Upload a video of your school performing the waggle dance and join schools and communities from across the globe in solidarity, spreading joy and awareness of the importance of bees for food security and ecosystem health.

To request further information, contact us here.