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  • July 2021: The proposal for a Pollination Security CRC was launched in July 2021 when the Wheen Bee Foundation conducted a virtual workshop on behalf of a number of industry stakeholders.
    The workshop was attended by 120 people representing pollinator-dependent industries, beekeeping associations, financial institutions, universities, state and federal agriculture departments.
    A Core Group of co-investment stakeholders was established to advance the bid, identifying a framework for future research and working to formalise a future bid.
  • November 2021–January 2022: Stakeholder consultations held in Vic, Tas, NSW, SA, WA, NT and Qld.
  • February 2022: Consultation findings circulated.
  • February–June 2022: Formalise co-investment partnerships and appoint CRC Bid Chair, Dr Anne Astin and CRC Bid CEO, Professor Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck.
  • September 2022: Appointment of Program Leaders.
  • October 2022: Appointment of Chief Scientist, Prof Saul
    Cunningham (Australian National University).
  • March 2023: Stage 1 CRC Bid submitted.
  • August 2023: Stage 2 CRC submitted
  • October 2023: Interview
  • December 2023: Funding outcome announcement.
Pollination Security Cooperative Research Centre (PS CRC)

Contact the Pollination Security CRC

To contact the Pollination Security CRC, email Core Bid Group CEO Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck at JP.Scheerlinck@Pollinationsecurity.com