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Pollination Security
Cooperative Research Centre

News & Updates


  • July 2021: The proposal for a Pollination Security CRC was launched in July 2021 when the Wheen Bee Foundation conducted a virtual workshop on behalf of a number of industry stakeholders.
    The workshop was attended by 120 people representing pollinator-dependent industries, beekeeping associations, financial institutions, universities, state and federal agriculture departments.
    A Core Group of co-investment stakeholders was established to advance the bid, identifying a framework for future research and working to formalise a future bid.
  • November 2021–January 2022: Stakeholder consultations held in Vic, Tas, NSW, SA, WA, NT and Qld.
  • February 2022: Consultation findings circulated.
  • February–June 2022: Formalise co-investment partnerships and appoint CRC Bid Chair, Dr Anne Astin and CRC Bid CEO, Professor Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck.
  • September 2022: Appointment of Program Leaders.
  • October 2022: Appointment of Chief Scientist, Prof Saul
    Cunningham (Australian National University).
  • March 2023: Stage 1 CRC Bid submitted.
  • August 2023: Stage 2 CRC Bid submitted.
  • October 2023: Stage 2 Interview completed.
  • December 2023: Round 24 of CRC funding was announced and the Pollination Security CRC did not receive funding in this round of grants.
  • January 2024: Work contunues on the program to attract new sources of funding.
Pollination Security Cooperative Research Centre (PS CRC)

Contact the Pollination Security CRC

To contact the Pollination Security CRC, email Core Bid Group CEO Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck at