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Planting for Bees! (Year 5 – Year 6)

Provide your students with an in depth exploration into the invaluable role of honey bees! Discover the symbiotic relationship between bees and plants, and how we as humans can support them. Developed by our very own qualified educators, ‘Planting for Bees!’ Year 5 – Year 6 includes a complete unit of work including 11x 1 hour lesson plans with a focus on explicit teaching of concepts around bee and plant biology, pollination, and food security will provide students with the knowledge they require to undertake research and design their own pollinator friendly garden. ‘Planting for Bees!’ is aligned with the Australian and Victorian Science Curriculum.

Shipments to WA and Tasmania will not include seeds or honey due to biosecurity restrictions.

‘Planting for Bees!’ Unit of Work (Sample)


Learning Kit Includes:

  • Complete unit of work – 11 x 1 hour lesson plans
  • Worksheets and assessment templates
  • Supporting videos and sound clips
  • 30x Bee Friendly Seed packets
  • 30x Mini Honey Tasting Kits
  • ‘The Honeybee’ by Kirsten Hall & Isabelle Arsenault
  • Activity resources including; sand, icy pole sticks, and pipe cleaners.

‘Planting for Bees!’ provides students with opportunities to:

  • Learn about the anatomy of flowers and bees to gain a deeper understanding into how pollination occurs.
  • Explore the importance of honey bees and pollination for food security.
  • Understand the importance of the symbiotic relationship between bees, plants and humans, how each helps the other to survive, as well as the impact of environmental factors on these relationships.
  • Enjoy a honey tasting experience to explore how the nectar source creates the unique taste profile of different honeys.
  • Discover what ‘bee friendly’ flowers are and how we can encourage bees into our environments.


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