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Sponsors & Partners

Thank you.

Thank you to all the companies and organisations that sponsor and partner with the Wheen Bee Foundation.

Their support enables us to carry out strategic bee research and education activities. Please show your support for our sponsors where you can.

Business Buddies and Sponsors

Support from our Business Buddies and Sponsors enables us to carry out strategic bee protection activities through research and education.

Our Business Buddies

Our Sponsors

What is a Business Buddy?

A Business Buddy is a person or business that contributes funds to Wheen Bee Foundation linked to a share of their business or product sales. This might be calculated by the unit or as a percentage of profit or sales.

Can anyone be a Business Buddy?

Anyone with a current ABN can apply to become a Business Buddy.

How does a business become a Business Buddy?

There are four Business Buddy categories.

How to apply

For information on becoming a Wheen Bee Foundation Business Buddy, please click the button below.


Wheen Bee Foundation provides co-funding for strategic bee research and education across a range of world class universities and organisations. Here are just some of the organisations we currently partner with to deliver improved bee protection outcomes.