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Bee Ecology Exhibition

From 1 September 2020, South Australian Museum
An upcoming interactive display at the South Australian Museum will explore the biodiversity of the iconic Green Carpenter Bee.

The interactive uses data gathered by South Australian Museum Honorary Researcher and bee expert, Dr. Remko Leijs, to create 50-year simulations of the Green Carpenter Bee population. Following the steps on the interactive, visitors can see past fire history events, change and add parameters such as climate condition, add artificial nests and perform fuel reduction burns to see how their impact could potentially increase the abundance of these bees. The display will also include a life-size model of the bees’ habitat which demonstrates the lifecycle and conservation efforts being taken to save this species from extinction. This interactive display will open at the South Australian Museum in September during Biodiversity Month.
Bee Ecology is supported by the Department for Environment and Water.
Additional support has been provided by the Wheen Bee Foundation.

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