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Christmas Gift Guide

Here at Wheen Bee Foundation, we’ve got your Christmas shopping all sorted. We’ve collected a range of gifts produced by companies who have partnered with Wheen Bee Foundation this year, as Sponsors or Business Buddies.

Wheen Bee Foundation Gift Cards

Purchase a Wheen Bee Foundation Gift Card from as little as $25.

When you buy a Christmas gift card, you’ll be donating to the Wheen Bee Foundation on behalf of a friend, supporting projects such as The 5Bees Program which helps commercial beekeepers recover from bushfire and drought.

Australia’s native bees are critically important but poorly known, with an estimated 1000 native bee species not yet discovered, named or documented.
DiscoverBees is the most important and ambitious campaign ever attempted. The project aims to document all of Australia’s remaining native bee species, having an enormous impact for agriculture, horticulture, conservation and the environment.

Buy a gift card here:

Flow Hive

It’s the ultimate Christmas present for honey lovers. With Flow Hive’s patented technology you can harvest from individual frames directly into your jar and experience seasonal variations in colour, flavour and bouquet.

Buy a Flow Hive here:

Beechworth Honey

Wheen Bee Foundation sponsor Beechworth Honey has a selection of honey and honey-inspired gifts wrapped and ready for Christmas.

Check out their gift packs here: or click below to browse their entire gift guide for more great ideas.

Buy Beechworth Honey here:

Wheen Bee Badge of Honour

Show your colours and become a Bee Advocate this Christmas. Buy a beautiful brass bee badge and show your support for our primary pollinators.

Buy a Wheen Bee Badge here:


Wheen Bee Foundation Business Buddy Animalia has blue-banded bee garden art for just $75.

Buy Animalia’s blue-banded bee here:

Deva Cacao

Wheen Bee Foundation’s Business Buddy Deva Cacao has organic raw chocolate gifts sweetened with bush honey. 

Buy Deva Cacao here:

Zea Products

Cruelty-free Zea products, including the 100 per cent raw, single origin Kunzea Honey from Tasmania, promote health, wellness and a merry Christmas.

Buy Zea here:

Archie Rose

Distiller Archie Rose’s latest experimental limited release is Eau De Bee Honey Spirit — a fantastic expression of one of our favourite natural products. It was created as a celebration of Blue Gum Honey.

10% of proceeds from its sale will be donated to the Wheen Bee Foundation.

Buy Eau De Bee Honey Spirit here:


Avallen’s Calvados is an apple cider distilled into brandy. Produced in Normandy, France, Avallen’s Calvados is bee-friendly, made from 40 different apple varieties from 300 different orchards where biodiversity is fiercely protected.

Buy Avallen here:

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