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Project Manager Position

Wheen Bee Foundation is seeking to appoint a Project Manager to assist increasing pollinator prevalence, health and diversity in farm landscapes across Victoria and the Riverina Plains.

The role is a part time contract position based in Victoria starting in May/June 2020.

Applications should be submitted to info@wheenbeefoundation no later than 3rd May 2020

This project aims to increase the prevalence, health and diversity of pollinators in the landscape by enabling the strategic planting of ‘trees for bees’ and other pollinators. An Ecoregional Planting Guide will be developed for use by stakeholders situated within the Victorian and Riverina Plains. The guide will specify information (eg pollen, nectar, duration and time of flowering etc) enabling landcare groups, nurseries, and land managers to select the best mix of indigenous species targeting their value for pollinators. Wheen Bee Foundation Ambassadors (bee champions) will connect beekeepers and land managers and provide bee expertise and information to landcare groups to assist in raising their knowledge and understanding of bees as pollinators and their reliance on native flora. A Bee Friendly Farming network will be established linking land managers who subscribe to land management best practice (in line with the guide) to support pollinators in their landscape.


The project is funded by the Smart Farms Small Grants Program (Round 2)


The overall project will run from 1/7/2019 until 30/6/2021.


With cooperation from Wheen Bee Foundation Bee Ambassadors, this project aims to deliver 20 presentation over 17 months between June 2020 and June 2021


For a copy of the position description email

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